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If there’s one thing we are passionate about at it’s making sure that our customers always get what they want - high quality engines at great prices. For us it’s all about building relationships in which our customers can trust each and every time. Here’s how we do it - by really believing in what we do. Our technicians are skilled craftsmen who understand the complexities of marine engines and how to get the best performance out of their rebuilds. To ensure that everything is as it should be we honor our stringent inspection and testing procedures that follow the rebuilt marine engines from start to finish. Of course, there is also always our 7 years, 500 hours marine engine warranty that shows our confidence in our product. In our business, reliability is important - and we are committed to offering our customer reliability at all times - along with affordability and powerful rebuilt boat engines.

Like all of our engines, our Ford marine engines are built with expertise and inspection/testing along the way. We have twenty-five years of experience in this business; experience that has allowed us to rebuild engines with power and fuel efficiency.

We have listed our selection of Ford marine engines below. If you would like a comprehensive listing of marine engines or to get a cost for installation please call us at 1-800-542-3211.

The Ford marine engines we rebuild here at 100% true marine engines - not auto engines that have been remanufactured as marine engines. Auto engines simply do not have the performance of marine engines. We recommend that those who replace their Ford marine engine do so with engines that have higher horsepower and therefore consume less fuel.

Tried and True Engines

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Price $1995
Configuration In line, 4-stroke cycle, water cooled diesel engine
Maximum output at crankshaft * 110 kW (150 mhp) / 4000 rpm
Displacement 1.995 L (122 cu in)
Bore x stroke 84 mm x 90 mm (3.31 in x 3.54 in)
Combustion system Direct injection
Aspiration Wastegated, turbocharged with intercooler
Starting system Electric starting 12 V - 2 kW








List Prices Do Not Include Hardware, Accessories or Installation.

Professional Boat Engine Installations are available in-house.

Please call for availability and specific price rates for each vehicle.


Boat Engines will coordinate shipping throughout the 50 states - saving you time and money, and helping you get your boat back in service.

Shipping Charges are $200.00



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