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For the past 25 years has focused on building better marine engines. Using hundreds of combinations stock parts, high performance parts and are own parts.

Before we released our redesigned marine engines they were tested in our own boats. One of our best engines we redesigned was inspired because of my new Sea Ray lacking power and high fuel usage.

The dealer told me this boat will go 55 MPH that was the main reason I purchased the boat. 20 years ago all I wanted to do is go fast, my new boat reach only 50 MPH taking it bact to the dealer I find there was nothing Sea Ray could do, I figured it was just one of those selling points but its still a beautiful boat.

I used the boat the first season at times trying to go faster but nothing I did helped my performance or high fuel usage. The factory engine in my was  a Mercruiser 330 horse 454 also called 7.4 very good engine.
Over the winter we replaced my engine with one of our redesigned marine engines that produce more power and will save fuel.

Our engine was able to go over 65 MPH and my fuel consumption went down 25% this was just fantastic now I could pull our family on tubes with a lot less effort and make me happy blowing wind through my hair I had back in those days.

Most of the parts we used are high performance the same one's in those hot rods. Now my boat is a hot rod in a way I call it our family toy.

Our 454/7.4 produced 420 horsepower and 100 LBS more torque. I was also still using the same 87 obtain fuel with as our factory 330 horse.

Boats are heavy always under heavy load like a truck pulling a trailer. Heavy loads need torque more than horsepower, you just cannot increase horsepower to make more torque. Anyone can make their engines with more horsepower but the hard part is making more torque at the same time.

Those big diesel trucks you share the road with have 450 horsepower but the torque is reaching 2,000 LBS but these are diesel engines not gas.

The next best engine to a diesel is to take gas engines and raise the torque as high as possible and that's how. More torque with the right horsepower at the proper rpms will push your boat quicker through the water and use less fuel.

Every boat is different we know the correct marine engine for any size boat. The correct marine engine will save you a lot of fuel costs and we guarantee that.

If you purchase a discount marine engine you will use more fuel and lack in power. Building a better marine engine cost much more just for the parts. I am sure that discount engine builder will not guarantee you more power and use less fuel.

Just in the first season you will save enough on fuel to pay the difference. Best of all the power will make your boating days much better. There is nothing like more power in your boat.

Please call if you have questions or to see if we make one of our new marine engines for your boat. 1.800.542.3211.






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Professional Boat Engine Installations are available in-house.

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