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To help you understand horsepower to torgue think of horsepower as a racing horses coming out of the gate, if you seen this you know these horses are fast as long as the rider is that light weight jockey. I'm sure you never seen one with a 250 LBS jockey.  Lets take one horse in that race with  250 LBS jocky. Now who going to win?
Now torque is like a clydesdale.  In this race all horses have 250 LBS jockyes, but one horse is a clydesdale. I choose the clydesdale to win.

Your boat is very heavy always pushing through the water. What you need is more torque than horsepower. At Marine Engines we know proper horsepower to torque ratio for your boat.

 You can add a bigger camshaft to make more horsepower like most marine engine builders do. But they don't understand adding horsepower without increasing torque will make your marine engine slower. 
Horsepower increased in a marine engine will only help above 4000 RPMS below 4000 bigger camshaft will take torque and power away. Fact is if your marine engine was able to reach 4200 RPMS or higher  that higher horsepower camshaft will take away so much torque you will not even be able to reach 3000 RPMS meaning if you can not reach 4200 RPMS that camshaft is just a waist of time.

There is no other marine engine builder with our knowledge that can build you an engine like we do with more torque and more horsepower.   When you purchase one of out higher horsepower marine engines you get much more torque because of the way we designed and pre test them.
Now you can push your boat through the water faster and use less fuel this we guarantee.
Our engines will replace your factory engine without any changes or modifications and use the same octain fuel.

The money savings will allow you to go boating more often and buy more food for the kids. Great part is our marine engines will make your boat fell like new once again.

We know you have questions call and ask, then call another marine engine builder chances are he will tell you no way can't be done.

We have made better marine engines with more torque and horsepower for over 25 years. Plus we guarantee more trorque and horsepower and you get our siginture 7- year warranty.
Just consider us the only performance marine engine builder making your toy faster and more fuel efficient.










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Professional Boat Engine Installations are available in-house.

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Boat Engines will coordinate shipping throughout the 50 states - saving you time and money, and helping you get your boat back in service.

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