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At we can provide our customers with the highest quality rebuilt Mercruiser engine; an engine that they can trust to deliver them power and increased fuel efficiency. How do we secure this high quality standard? Through our commitment to quality control through every step in the remanufacturing process. It begins with our skilled team of technicians and continues through our meticulous inspection and testing. Finally, we stand solidly behind our work with our superior 7 years, 500 hours warranty - a warranty leader in the industry. In fact, our experience in the field has made us a leader in the industry on many counts. We have listened to our customers over the years; we know what is important to them, and what makes for a dependable and powerful Mercruiser engine. More than anything we have learned how to achieve this quality without our customers having to sacrifice the affordability that is also important to them.

At our service extends beyond rebuilding of the Mercruiser engine; we will install the engine for our customers as well. This combined experience of rebuilding and installation allows us to be most effective in our roles as we can help our customers determine what boat engines will work best for them - whether it’s a 4.3 Mercruiser, a 5.7 Mercruiser, or a 7.4 Mercruiser.

We have listed our selection of Mercruiser engines below. If you would like a comprehensive listing of marine engines or to get a cost for installation please call us at 1-877-630-2628.

454 Magnum Mercruiser Engine
Includes approximately 425 horsepower with approximately 375 horsepower at the prop. The 454 Magnum includes dome pistons that increase torque and horsepower. The 454 Magnum that includes 2" intake ports has increased torque over the 454 Magnum that includes 2 1/2" intake ports. Our tests have shown that the 454 Magnum Mercruiser engine is worth the extra money and offers a great return on investment. For RPMs over 4,000, large intake ports are best. RPMs of 1,500 to 4,500 get better power with smaller intake ports.  Those who are replacing a 454 Chevy marine engine and desire to get more power while reducing fuel usage, should install the 454 Magnum engine.

350 Magnum Mercruiser Engine
Features approximately 300 prop shaft horsepower at 4,600 to 5,000 RPMs. If you are replacing a 5.0, 5.7, 305, and 350 marine engines the 350 Magnum is a great choice. Does not allow for converting; the 350 Magnum engine will utilize all of the outside parts of your old 305 and 350 engine. However, all other parts are the same, including the oil pan, timing cover, carburetor, valve covers, distributor, exhaust manifolds, balancer, and flywheel. Testing here at our factory has concluded that no adjustments are necessary to your computer.

4.3 Mercruiser Engine
At Marine Engines we build each 4.3 Mercruiser engine with 50 more horsepower; something that we have discovered, through our installation experience and experimentation with camshafts and pistons, gives the engine significantly more power, at the same time allowing it to consume far less fuel.

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