MERCRUISE ENGINE PRICES -7.4 Mercruiser - up to 1990
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Mercruiser Engines
***Please Note H.P Indicates Horse Power*** 
7.4 Mercruiser Engine  Listings

1990   7.4   Mercruiser    350  H.P 


1990   7.4   Mercruiser    400   H.P


1990   7.4   Mercruiser    410   H.P


1990   7.4   Mercruiser    425   H.P


1990   7.4   Mercruiser    450   H.P 

There is a lot of Mercruiser Engine Choices, you do not have to replace your Mercury Engine with the exact same engine. Let us tell you how to up grade your mercruiser engine with a bigger one.
Also call us for mercruiser marine engine installing costs 1-800-542-3211

These mercruiser engine are true marine engines
All our mercruiser engine comes with our 7 year 500 hour warranty. US ENGINE has sold all our mercruiser engines with this warranty starting in 1986 We are not new to long warrantys we are the leader. We build our marine engines to last beyond our 7 year warranty. You know your getting the best marine engine


454 magnum with 2" intake ports has more torque than the 454 magum with 2 1/2 intake ports. Large intake ports is best for RPMS over 4,000 Smaller intake ports has better power from 1,500 to 4,500 RPMS If you are replacing your 454 mercruiser engine and you need more power and would like to use less fuel  install the 454 magnum engine. We have tested this ourselfs its worth the extra cost to purchase the 454 mercruiser mag with 2" intake ports or 1 1/2" intake ports.

For larger boats you need more torque and horse power. Our 454  410 horse power with 1 1/2" intake port heads will give you the most torque and horse power out of a 454 mercruiser engine.

Cruising rpms 454 with 1 1/2" intake ports is 3,200 to 3,800 best fuel economy and power

350 Mercruiser Engines

There are many differant 350 mercruiser engine that will replace your original factory engine. We have better 350 mercruiser engines with more torque and horse power to replace your original factory.


The 350 mercruiser magnum engine has around 300 prop shaft horse power at 4600 to 5000 RPMS This is a great engine to replace your 5.0 - 305 - 5.7 and 350 mercruiser factory engine. There is no converting - The 350 mag will use all the outside parts off your original 305 and 350 engine. Carburetor, oil pan, valve covers, timing cover, intake manifold, exhaust manifolds, distributor, flywheel, balancer and all other parts is the same. Furthermore you do not have to make any adjustments to your computer.

 We have tested this we know what works best.

We build 4.3 mercruiser with the most horse power possible. Because we also install marine engines this gives us the chance to experiment with different pistons and camshafts. Adding more horse power to the 4.3 mercruiser engine we have discovered this engine will uses less fuel and has much more power.

You can install 4.3 mercruiser engines with higher horse power just call us we will help you.

When you call here you will discover we are not sales persons just people that know marine engines.

We will make sure you get the best engine for your boat from our years of testing








List Prices Do Not Include Hardware, Accessories or Installation.

Professional Boat Engine Installations are available in-house.

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